Where to translate

All translations should be submitted through this Crowdin project. If your language is not listed, please open an issue on the issue tracker here or tag project maintainer bilde2910 on the Discord server


This file contains the strings used in the extensions themselves. Sometimes, the message contains a word enclosed in dollar signs $ and has an accompanying placeholders block. The dollar-enclosed word must not be translated as it is a placeholder that will be replaced with something else in the extension. Here's an example of such an entry:


In the above example, $site$ is a placeholder. In this case, $site$ will be replaced with a domain name when displayed, and an example has been given on the Crowdin page. That means when you translate, you would translate message as it would be if you assume $site$ means "example.com"


This file contains the description of the Stop Mod Reposts extension as it appears when opening it in the extension store. It is quite long, but chances are you will only ever have to translate it once. The entire file must be translated