What you shouldn't translate

  • Names In both files, you will find references to Stop Mod Reposts, Minecraft and other entities. It is very important that you do not translate any of these names, including "Stop Mod Reposts" as it is the name of the campaign. You will also find references to the IRC channel #stopmodreposts, and references to various Twitter accounts. Take care to avoid translating these names.
  • Links and domains There will be references to StopModReposts.org in the extension's files, and links to this GitHub repository. Do not translate these.
  • Email addresses There will be reference to at least one email address in obfuscated form: "marius (at) varden (dot) info". This string should not generally be translated as it falls under the names and domains sections above. However, if you in your language pronounce email addresses with something other than "at" and "dot", these must be reflected in the translation. Important: Do not deobfuscate the address, i.e. do not use the actual @ and . signs in the translation. It is done that way to prevent spam.